We continually look to optimize your warehouse operations by combining the right racking type and configuration with the most suitable material handling equipment.

Since our wide truck range and complete racking offer go hand in hand, each project is custom-made regarding storage capacity, pallet flows, and pallet turnover.

Direct Access Pallet Racking

Full access to all pallets at all times

Illustration of standard pallet racking

Standard pallet racking

  • For palletized goods 
  • Flexible and customizable to your needs 
  • Minimal initial investment

Double-deep pallet racking

  • Offers 50% selectivity of pallets
  • Scalable both vertically and horizontally.
  • Adaptable to varying pallet and load heights.
Illustration of mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking

  • One of the most compact storage systems available
  • Provides complete access to all pallets at all times
  • Perfect for temperature-controlled storage

High-Density Pallet Racking

 To maximize your storage space

Illustration of drive-in pallet racking

Drive-in pallet racking

  • Ideal for storing large quantities of the same products
  • Adaptable for both FILO (First In - Last Out) and FIFO (First In - First Out)
  • Low initial investment
Illustration of push-back pallet racking

Push-back pallet racking

  • Fit for storing similar products
  • Pallets are pushed backward by the next one coming in 
  • FILO (First In-Last Out) based storage
Illustration of gravity flow pallet racking

Gravity flow pallet racking

  • With sloped roller track sections, using gravity for the pallets to move
  • Perfect when handling large quantities of uniform goods
  • FIFO (First In-First Out) based storage

Non-palletized Racking

To store small to big items

Illustration of cantilever racking

Cantilever Racking

  • Ideal for storing oversized irregular items and long loads 
  • Many configurations available to suit different needs
  • Can be installed on mobile bases for increased storage capacity
Illustration of dynamic picking racking

Dynamic Picking

  • Suitable for consumer goods businesses and assembly chains 
  • With inclined platforms with wheels and rollers 
  • FIFO (First In-First Out) picking solution
Illustration of multi-tier shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving

  • Optimal shelving solution for small to medium loads
  • Optimized use of cubical space of the warehouse for picking operations
  • Ideal for storing small items for manual order picking

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