Banner image with BT tyro low lifter LHE150 and stacker SHE100 against a light background.

BT Tyro - Your light-duty partner for moving and stacking

The BT Tyro family is our entry-level pallet and stacker truck range; perfect for light applications in confined areas such as retail, shops, small industries, and warehouses. 



The BT Tyro LHE150 powered pallet truck is ideal for occasional light-duty work. 

It will make moving goods around in shops, small industries,

and warehouses more ergonomic and quicker.


LHE150 Front Packshot/Studio - FrontLHE150 Top Packshot/Studio - Top
LHE150 Front Packshot/Studio - Front
BT Tyro LHE150 Turtle Button DetailBT Tyro LHE150 Removable Battery Detail

Compact & stable

Thanks to its small turning radius and compact design, the BT Tyro allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. The 2 castor wheels on the sides ensure stability during pallet movement.


Effortless manoeuvring

This light-duty truck with 180° steering angle offers smooth and safe movement.  The low weight of the BT Tyro makes it very easy to maneuver thanks to the low pressure on the drive wheel.

Li-Ion powered

This truck comes with a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery for fast and easy charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.

Speed control

The creep speed functionality allows for easy movement in tight areas. The reduced speed when cornering ensures enhanced safety when transporting goods around your application.


The BT Tyro SHE100 stacker truck is designed for occasional stacking.  

A great support for low-intensity applications in confined areas such as small shops and companies.


SHE100 Front Main Packshot/Studio - Front
SHE100 Back Main Packshot/Studio - Back
SHE100 Storage Compartment Detail

A clear view of the forks

The clean design of the mast and low chassis offer an excellent view through the mast and to the load.


Excellent manoeuvrability

The 180° steering angle enables smooth and easy maneuvering and ensures safe handling.

Easy charging

The charger is built into the truck for easy connection to a power socket. With the 60Ah Li-ion battery and the 25A charger, the charging of the battery takes about 2.5 hours.

PIN code access 

All BT Tyro trucks are equipped with PIN code to start up the truck. This enables easy access and prevents unauthorized use of the truck.

BT Tyro 1.5t with Lithium-ion

Capacity: 1500kg

  • Energy efficient with Lithium-ion
  • Small and agile
  • Secure with pin code for access

BT Tyro Stacker 1t with Lithium-ion

Capacity: 1000kg

  • Energy efficient with Lithium-ion
  • Perfect for light-duty stacking 
  • Clear view mast for good visibility


What are the benefits of light-duty powered forklifts compared to hand pallet trucks?

Entry-level powered pallet or stacker trucks like the BT Tyro allow to move goods quicker and smoother. They also improve ergonomics, safety and give more flexibility.

Are the BT Tyro models suitable for use on gradients?


BT Tyro LHE150 is suitable for both occasional use on ramps and for steeper gradients. The entry level stacker SHE100 is suited for even floors.

How long does the battery last on light-duty powered trucks?

All models in the BT Tyro range come with li-ion technology. Depending on model and application the battery can last a different number of hours and needs a few hours to charge. A second battery can be ordered as option for the LHE-models.

Can the BT Tyro pallet and stacker truck be used in cold applications?

No, the recommended temperature range is between +5°C and +40°C.