Depending on the requirements of your business, a used truck could be more beneficial for you.

Purchasing a pre-owned truck allows you to own a state-of-the-art truck without the price tag of buying a brand-new one.

Our trucks are known for their incredible durability, so you can feel confident purchasing a used one.

Quality Used Trucks - Buy with Confidence

Benefits of buying used equipment:

  • Individual preparation program for every truck
  • Quality, safety, and performance guaranteed 
  • Value-for-money pricing provided
  • We know the full-service history of the truck
  • We only pick the best trucks to be refurbished and sold

Our aim is always to provide you as a customer with the best solutions. Wherever you are located in the world, we are always close to you thanks to our extensive coverage and the backup of a worldwide organization.

Due to our diverse range of locations, however, our used truck fleet may vary from distributor to distributor. Contact your local distributor for more information and available offers. 

Employee refurbishing used Toyota reach truck in workshop
Employee washing used Toyota powered stacker with pressure washerEmployee spray-painting used Toyota forklift in workshop

Interested in buying a used truck?

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  • To save money - used equipment is more affordable to buy than new
  • Immediate availability - no production time
  • At occasional need in production
  • As a backup to your existing fleet during busy periods
  • The low cost of a used truck in comparison to a new truck gives you more financial flexibility

Buying a used truck can save you the costs of acquiring a new truck. For example, you only need a backup truck to do specific tasks every once in a while. Or, if you urgently need an extra truck to make it through busier periods, we at Toyota Material Handling can help you with a used truck.