BT Tyro (Stacker)

BT Tyro Stacker 1t with Lithium-ion

Model ID: SHE100

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BT Tyro Stacker 1t with Lithium-ion

The BT Tyro SHE100 is the new entry-level stacker model, perfect for light stacking applications. It can transport and lift loads up to 1000 kg. The SHE100 is available with li-ion technology for energy efficiency. It combines the features of a powered stacker truck with the small size of a manual stacker. The BT Tyro Stacker is the perfect solution for manual and semi-powered stacker truck users who want to step up to a fully powered stacker.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to maneuver in small spaces
  • Maintenance-free Lithium-ion for high truck availability
  • Clear view of the forks
  • High durability and resistance to impacts
  • Pin code for access control