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Toyota Material Handling service plans keep your business up and running and help you get the most out of your trucks. This way you can plan your operation with complete confidence. We can help you tailor your service plan to exactly meet your needs.
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Service You Can Rely On

Full service plans adapted to your business

Toyota Material Handling takes care of all your service needs for optimal performance and maximum uptime in your operations. Full Service means a comprehensive labor and parts plan including periodic maintenance, breakdown cover, and parts used in servicing and breakdown repairs.

Periodical maintenance

As with the Premium level, we can optimize uptime and minimize costly repairs, while also ensuring all safety requirements are met.

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Continuously Improving Service Skills

The process of Kaizen

The Service Technician Education Programme (STEP) creates a high level of technical knowledge among our technicians. Focusing on technology allows technicians to suggest the right solutions for you, tailored to your specific application.

Our technicians receive training, certifications and access to next levels, allowing easy monitoring of the progress of all trainees to optimise and standardise service training.

ASEC Certification

The After Sales Evaluation and Certification (ASEC) is an in-depth certification process designed to optimize and organize the service process for maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. This involves all areas within the business — from workspaces, to service vehicles, to parts storage, to facilities, to communication, and more.

The program was introduced by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) in 2003 to suit the customer’s demand for quality and efficiency, and to increase the customer satisfaction. In ASEC all areas within the distributors aftersales business are reviewed and continuously improved. For you as a Customer, it means that you get the same high quality service all over the world.

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Customer Support & Service


If you have a large fleet or intensive application, we can arrange for an on-site service technician to support your business.


We provide round-the-clock service.


We make sure your trucks comply with safety standards set by national laws and regulating bodies.


Skilled and motivated drivers not only increase productivity, but also operate more safely, reducing the risk of damage to stock, equipment and people as well as the additional costs.


You can combine your service contract with our I_Site fleet management solution. Connect your trucks and be in control of your operations. Thanks to the collected data provided via I_Site, you can improve productivity, health & safety, cost-efficiency and environment-friendliness to your operations.