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We Are Truly Global

Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) covers the markets of Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Middle East and Africa with a lineup consisting of TOYOTA, BT and RAYMOND brands.

About Us

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Who we are

Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) is a total solution provider within the material handling business. We are part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), the global number one company in material handling since 2001. With a growing ecosystem of partners such as Vanderlande, Tailift, and Bastian Solutions, TICO aims to become the first-choice partner in the material handling business as a total solution provider. 

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With a leading position in material handling and financial strengths to back it up, Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) provides world-wide logistic solutions and high-quality products to optimize our customers operations. We are active worldwide under the brands TOYOTA, BT and RAYMOND.

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Passion for people


Our customers at Toyota Material Handling are our number-one priority. By staying in close contact with you we can understand your needs to provide the solution, technology, energy, service and financial flexibility that fits your operation.


By offering continuous training and support in sales, products and service, we focus on getting our distributors self-sufficient. Our aim is to have 100% locally trained competence through the concept of “train the trainer”.


Our mission is to optimise your logistic processes by implementing our lean thinking. We aim to optimise space, production, and the workforce. This by offering quality in products, services, and the whole experience.



Our network

Toyota Material Handling International focuses on regional presence with local representation in over ninety countries.

Always close to you

We are supported by a large international network of independent distributors to make sure we can provide you as a customer with what you need. We have products and service solutions for any business.   

Available wherever you are 

Toyota Material Handling Group is active in 5 regions: Europe, Japan, North America, China, and International. We develop and manufacture forklifts as well as other material handling solutions under the brands of TOYOTA, BT, RAYMOND and CESAB.
We are the international headquarters of Toyota Material Handling Group, which is part of Toyota Industries Corporation, the global leader in material handling equipment.

Forklift parts


1. Takahama Plant, Japan
Established: 1970
The Takahama plant is a modern forklift truck manufacturing plant with the world’s highest production capacity.

2. Jiangsu Plant, China
Established: 1994
The Jiangsu plant is one of the largest forklift trucks manufacturers on the Chinese market.  

3. Mjölby Plant, Sweden
Established: 1968
The Mjölby plant is one of the world’s largest producers of specialized warehousing machinery.

4. Greene Plant, USA
Established: 1922
The Greene plant is North Americas leader in manufacturing state of the art forklift trucks for the material handling industry.

5. Bologna Plant, Italy
Established: 1942
The Bologna plant manufactures high-quality forklift trucks developed from a passion for design and an impressive engineering heritage.