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Other Environments

Specialist attachments

Some jobs require specific attachments. You might need longer forks for certain loads or the capability to move objects that can't be accessed from below. We offer a wide variety of fork extensions, clamps with rotation ability and, cranes for these occasions.

Fork extensions

Clamps and Rotators


  • For longer loads
  • Secure and stable loads when needed
  • For every purpose
  • One truck, many functions
  • Lift and lowering
  • Specialist handling 

Materials and surface treatment

Wet environments require particular modifications to ensure the durability of your truck over time. Moisture substantially increases the risk of corrosion, which is why anti-corrosive features are essential. We offer a variety of modifications, from the roof to the wheels, to help you put together a truck that meets your industry's requirements over time.

Anti-corrosive, galvanized

INOX, stainless steel

  • High durability
  • For wet environments
  • Suitable for fisheries
  • When hygiene is vital
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for food production

Explosion proof and non flammable

If you work with flammable or dusty products in a potentially explosive atmosphere, you'll need an explosion-proof truck. We offer ATEX treatment in accordance with current official directives to ensure safe and durable trucks.

EEX - explosion-proof