SpotMe is a warning system for a safer workplace and is built upon infrared direction-sensitive sensors that detect movement or the presence of forklifts and pedestrians. Warehouses are crowded, fast-moving environments, and to stop accidents from happening in these environments; you can use SpotMe

Safe Warehouse Environment

To have a safe warehouse, everyone needs to cooperate. Especially forklift drivers and pedestrians have to pay extra attention to their environment. In a busy area, visibility might be poor, creating a high risk, which we try to avoid with SpotMe.

SpotMe can alert truck drivers and pedestrians of the potential dangers of collisions to protect employees, forklifts, and goods.

How SpotMe Works

SpotMe consists of infra-red direction-sensitive sensors that detect the movement or presence of forklifts and pedestrians where aisles cross, for example, at a busy intersection point.

Whenever a collision danger is spotted, a SpotMe warning unit is activated, which helps you to avoid accidents. The warning device is mounted where it is visible to vehicles and pedestrians approaching the intersection.

SpotMe warning device with white background

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