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If you need a truck right away and are looking for a cost-effective solution; Toyota Material Handling International has the rental solution for you. We offer an extensive range of trucks available with either short or long term rental options.
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Rental Solutions for You and Your Business

We want to give you the best suitable option for your business. Our rental solutions give you the opportunity to rent a truck or warehouse equipment on a short or long term basis. To go for a rental option might suit your requirements better as it offers flexibility in use and efficiency in cost. Due to our diverse range of locations and wide network, our used truck fleet may vary from distributor to distributor.

Beneficial factors will include cost control; no capital up front and a fixed pre-calculated cost, flexibility in requirement changes, and no disposal issues to name a few. With our rental solutions you will be able to focus on your core activities.  

Interested in a rental solution? Find out more by contacting your local distributor.


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Benefits of renting a forklift from Toyota Material Handling International

  1. We offer an extensive range of trucks and warehouse equipment

  2. We offer flexible rental periods and finance options

  3. We provide the expected level of expertise and trusted reputation that can truly help your business

  4. We manufacture and retail world leading trucks and material handling solutions renowned for quality, durability and reliability

orange and black trucks stacked in warehouse

Long Term Rental Gives You Flexibility

When to use Long Term Rental

  • Working on specific projects
  • Planned production changes
  • Create flexibility within the existing truck fleet
  • Need of a fixed monthly cost

Long Term Rental Benefits

  • No high initial cost
  • With service agreement no maintenance or repair
  • Good oversight over budget
  • Possible upgrade or downgrade if needed
  • Minimal administration

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Short Term Rental Meets Your Excess Demands

When to use Short Term Rental

  • Business peak season
  • Uncertainty of period of need
  • Need of extra resources
  • Emergency need

Short Term Rental Benefits

  • Flexible solution during short period need
  • Bigger truck fleet during peak season decreases workload and increases productivity