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Suddenly a lot more to do?

Sometimes workload arises fast, and you find yourself in hurried need of some additional trucks and material handling equipment. Don't worry: we offer rental services and refurbished used trucks for just these occasions.

Creating solutions for various operations

Multi-talented forklift with a compact body, outstanding turning performance, excellent stability, and operability for narrow worksites to perform various material handling operations.



Find the right solution for you

Illustrated world map with Toyota Material Handling Internationals countries marked in red

Toyota Material Handling International offers a full range of forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, and logistic solutions to the markets of Asia, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa.

Within material handling, we provide you with the total solution, with a lineup consisting of TOYOTA, BT, and RAYMOND brands. This by the support of service and solutions, such as truck rentalused trucksservice, and parts.



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