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Stacking in medium to high and narrow racks

There is a lot to consider when choosing a truck for your high-stacking operation. Fundamental factors are how high your racking is and how heavy your pallets are, but you also need to account for your warehouse's layout and how intensive your shifts are. Our reach- and VNA truck series are available in different performance ranges, with several mast choices and additional options, for the perfect fit for your needs.

BT Reflex E-series

7500 Deep reach

BT Vector R-series

  • Ergonomic
  • Lift up to 13 m
  • Double the storage
  • Lift up to 11.2 m
  • VNA
  • Lift up to 11.9 m

Loading and unloading transport vehicles

A big part of warehouse work is moving goods between transport vehicles and your storage solution. Depending on your operation, this can mean a lot of loading and unloading as well as horizontal transport over long distances and on different surfaces. You might also need to be able to drive your truck both indoors and outdoors or into the transport vehicles.

BT Levio P-series

8FBN (15-30)

8FG/8FD (35-50N)

  • Powerful
  • With platform
  • Lift height 6 m
  • Available with 80V
  • Lift height 7 m
  • Capacity up to 5 ton

Automation as part of the workflow

It might be a good idea to consider automation for your warehouse operation since several tasks often are repetitive. It can optimize your flow of goods and the use of your staff as well as increase safety and minimize damage. We offer everything from automated guided carts for horizontal transport to fully automated solutions and intelligent automation software.

BT Tracto Auto


BT Staxio Auto

  • Towing up to 5 ton
  • Fully automated
  • Data analysis
  • Cost control
  • Visible and secure
  • Always connected