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7 reasons to rent

Even if your warehouse operation runs smoothly and you are happy with your truck fleet, there may still be times when you need some extra help to meet top demand. Logistics often use short-term rent to make these stressful periods smoother, but there are many other good reasons for renting trucks for short periods, even quieter times of the year. Regardless of your material handling operation size, this option can help you.

1. You don't tie up capital

When you buy trucks to expand your business, you tie up a large amount of money that could be used for other purposes. Why not try short-term rental next time? If the demand continues to be high in the future, you might consider buying your truck; if not, the short-term rent in the long term has saved you money.

2. You can try new trucks before you commit to a purchase

Getting the right truck is important and not something you want to decide on in a hurry. To facilitate this, you can rent some trucks for a short period to try them out before deciding.

3. You know all your costs from the start

Your accountants' lives can be made much easier with short-term rent. Many suppliers determine the cost of your desired rental period from the beginning. This means that the costs are predictable, and you do not have to be surprised when it is time to pay the bill.

4. Short notice? No problem

One of the significant advantages of short-term rental is that the time from order to delivery is often very short. There is no need to wait a long time for the truck to be produced, so you can quickly get started with higher capacity.

5. You can get rid of it whenever you want

Your rented truck may have helped you have a stress-free Christmas season, but what happens afterward? Instead of having a truck standing still on the storage floor when the workload is back to normal capacity, which you can manage with your fixed truck fleet, you can return the rented truck.

6. Service is usually included

Warehouses are challenging environments, and although accidents can be minimized, they can never be eliminated. Fortunately, your supplier can provide service to give your truck maximum operating time.

7. There is a wide choice available

When you rent a forklift for a short period, you are usually not limited to trucks in production at a given time. Many suppliers' rental fleet contains machines of all ages and levels of use - so no matter what task you need them for or how much you want to spend, there is usually a suitable truck for your needs.
Short-term rental is a great way to supplement your truck fleet in times of high demand - but this is not necessarily the only time you need short-term rental trucks.