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Fleet Management

As the traditional truck business is continuously growing, Toyota Material Handling International have a dedicated centre for Logistics Solutions where we can focus on new technologies and solutions in logistics. We focus on automation, warehouse equipment and telematics. I_Site is a fleet management system with hardware that consists of a telematics unit and additional onboard sensors on forklifts. This allows your fleet to be connected to your back office via an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

I_Site comes with many features

  • Truck utilisation, driver utilisation  

  • A web portal, mobile app  

  • Report subscription, analysis chart

  • Battery monitoring  

  • Shock sensors and lockout, shock notifications, supervisor lockout notification

  • Remote driver access, driver admin, and licences control

  • Contract monitoring

  • Pre-operational check including notifications

  • Smart access (card or fob)

hand holding I-Site in front of truck and racking

Service Request via the I_Site Application

  • Get in contact with our service team directly

  • Send a service request message from your mobile device

  • You can also add a picture and specific message

  • Quick and easy: reduce downtime and improve productivity

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