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Order Picking & E-Commerce

Order picking in large warehouses

The racks in a large warehouse are usually over 6 meters high and can cover a vast area. It's crucial to consider the heights you'll need to reach as well as the size and weight of each item when choosing a truck for your picking operation. Our trucks are built for safety and comfort while ensuring high productivity and efficiency.


BT Optio H-series

BT Vector A-series

  • Capacity 1.3 ton
  • Lift up to 9.5 m
  • Capacity up to 1.2 ton
  • Lift up to 11 m
  • Over 1200 Ah
  • Lift up to 16.8 m

Order picking in smaller warehouses

While the lift heights and distances typically are lower and shorter in smaller warehouses, the order picking process, intensity, and criteria remain the same. We offer order pickers with lift heights from ground level, up to 6 meters in a range of models with several different features. A few models are expressly designed for efficient ground- and first-floor order picking.

BT Optio L-series


8FBP (7-15)

  • Lift up to 2.5 m
  • Available with T-mote
  • 2nd level picking
  • High capacity
  • Lift up to 6 m
  • Man up

Order picking with trollies

Depending on the type of products you handle and the scale of your operation, you might benefit from using towing tractors and trollies for your order picking. Shelf trollies are ideal for picking and sorting multiple small orders simultaneously, while platform trollies can handle larger and bulkier items.

BT Optio N-series

BT Tracto S-series


  • Compact
  • Towing up to 1.5 ton
  • Powerful
  • Towing up to 5 ton
  • Platform trolley
  • Shelf trolley